Save The Sheriff

Save The Sheriff


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and andlt;bandgt;Move Left / Right / Crouchandlt;/bandgt; = A,S,D Keys and andlt;bandgt;Aim and Shootandlt;/bandgt; = Use Mouse and andlt;bandgt;Change Gunsandlt;/bandgt; = 1,2 Keys and andlt;bandgt;Reloadandlt;/bandgt; = R Key

Game Details

The objective of the game is to survive for 11 days to recieve reinforcements. You can employ additional gunners or workers to help you hold off the indian assault. Shoot as soon as you see one so they cant come close. Employ gunners to help you down some indians and workers to keep your defenses up. Good Luck!

Date Added: 2014-05-25

Category: Shooter

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