Zombie Horde 3

Zombie Horde 3


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&middot; <b>Movements</b> = W,A,S, & D Keys &middot; <b>Aim and Shoot</b> = Mouse (left click button) &middot; <b>Reload</b> = R Key &middot; <b>Left Arm Attack</b> = Space Bar &middot; <b>Left Weapon</b> = Q Key &middot; <b>Right Weapon</b> = E Key &middot; <b>GEt In / Out of Vehicle</b> = Ctrl Key

Game Details

Zombie Horde 3 is the third installment to the original Zombie Horde flash game. Your aim in this zombie killing flash game is to stay alive and escape from a city that is full of hordes of zombies. Playing through story mode will allow you to unlock weapons and stages for survival mode. Once you have it unlocked you can play through survival mode and your goal is to defend a position for an unending amount of time, using firearms and ammunition acquired in story mode (your inventory is automatically loaded).

Date Added: 2012-10-11

Category: Shooter

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