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To plofear just have to ... 1. Sign in to Facebook to play with friends or hit the Play button or Kids depending on your level. 2. Crush the dolls displayed on your screen and hold as long as possible. 3. Plof the bugs that come on your screen: Ploffy, Cremosito, Rapidito (which have to plofear 2 times). Eye! Maloso But beware, if you lose one of your plofeas lives. 4. You have 1 minute of time, clocks will add 10 "and bombs remaining 10". 5. At the end of Share and challenge your friends!

Game Details

Still do not know what is plofed? Plofed comes to your smartphone, the game that will test your reflexes and skill on the screen. Ploffy, Cremosito, Rapidito, Maloso and challenge you to plofes many times as you can be.

Date Added: 2013-06-19

Category: Action

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